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Workshop Practical Sessions

In addition to lectures, video examples, and discussions, The Shape of Enrichment Workshops include a variety of instructional methods we call "practicals." Successful implementation of these practicals may require extensive advance preparation and coordination between the instructors and the host representative.


Instructors and participants explore the host institution's animal facilities, discussing pros and cons on various enclosures while proposing additional enrichment suggestions.

Build Your Own

Time, materials, and guidance are provided for each participant to construct a simple enrichment item to take home with them.

Enclosure Enrichment

Participants construct and place enrichment items for an enclosure(s) at the host institution. If this practical is desired, the host institution and instructor will select the enclosure(s) and approve enrichment strategies in advance. At least 1 instructor will be on site for 1-2 days prior to the workshop to ensure the plan meets will the host representative's approval and to plan logistics.

Data Collection

Both informal response to enrichment and formal behavior data collection can be practiced at the host institution. If "Enclosure Enrichment" practical is also used, an assessment will be included in that activity.

Training Practice

Participants can practice animal training skills with domestic, tractable animals or via training games.

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