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Workshop Curriculum

The curriculum for each workshop varies according to need, time, educational background of attendees, etc. The curriculum for each workshop will be selected and developed by the instructor(s) after consultation with the host institution.The following are the general topics covered in the Enrichment Workshops. Each of these curriculum has at least one practical session (or activity) option associated with it. 

Introduction to Animal Welfare

  • Definition of Animal Welfare
  • How does it relate to Enrichment?
  • Abnormal Behaviors

Introduction to Environmental Enrichment

  • History of Enrichment
  • Benefits of Enrichment
  • Definition of Enrichment
  • Holistic Enrichment (5 categories)
  • Individuality Aspect of Enrichment

Developing and Implementing an Enrichment Plan

  • Set Goals
  • Create an Enrichment Plan
  • Safety
  • Natural vs Artificial Materials
  • Implement Enrichment Plans
  • Evaluate
  • Revise and Retest

Behavioral Observation Techniques

  •  Interaction Ratings
  •  Ethograms
  •  Formal Sampling Methods (Point Sample, All-Occurrence (timed and untimed), One-Zero)

Animal Training Basics

  • Understanding what behaviors animal caretakers reinforce in their daily routines.
  • Training behaviors that facilitate enrichment programs (i.e. shifting).
  • Note that this module does NOT include training for shows or husbandry procedures.

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