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The Shape of Enrichment Travel Grant

Travel Grant Application Form

To apply for The Shape of Enrichment ICEE Travel Grant, please fill out the application form completely, and submit it by email, along with your completed paper about your enrichment project, to Valerie Hare at

Submissions for this year have closed.

Download the application form here:


Author Instructions

Your paper should describe an enrichment plan or item you designed and/or implemented at your facility. Only full papers (not abstracts) will be accepted, and only original, previously unpublished papers are eligible.

Applications must submitted by email to Valerie Hare at

In order to retain objectivity during the review process, do NOT include the names of people and/or institutions within the text of the paper. Wherever institutions and/or individuals are named in the presentation, write "Institution 1", Person 1”, "Person 2", and so on. At the end of the document, give a key with the appropriate person or institution name for each. (Alternatively, you may submit 2 versions of the paper: the complete paper and a version in which the names have been removed, as per instructions above).

Each photo, diagram, etc. must be submitted as a separate file. Do NOT embed photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, etc. in the text document.

Your submission should include:

    1. The 2-page application form (download at right), completed and signed.
    2. Separate files for each photo, drawing, etc.
    3. A text file containing:
      • Title, body, references, etc. of your paper.
      • Key to all authors’ full names and institutional affiliations (near end of document) OR an additional file including names
      • All institution and individual names referenced (near end of document)
      • All captions (near end of document)

Note: failure to follow these rules may disqualify your paper from consideration.

About the Travel Grant

In keeping with our mission of furthering enrichment efforts worldwide, The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. offers a $1,500 Travel Grant to be used to attend the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE).

To determine the recipient of this grant, we hold a conference paper competition, in which applicants submit a paper about enrichment they have tried and what the results were. Papers submitted are given to a panel of reviewers, who read them and assign points against a set list of criteria. The paper with the most points is awarded the $1,500 Travel Grant.

This money can only be used for travel, housing, registration, and food expenses associated with attending the ICEE. By prior agreement, the ICEE reserves a place in the conference program for our grant winner to present their winning paper. The presenter must comply with the time limits, format, proceedings submissions rules, etc. of The Shape of Enrichment and the ICEE.

Non-winning entries in the $1500 Travel Grant may (and SHOULD!) submit their abstracts to the ICEE programmers for consideration, as they may be accepted. If they are accepted for presentation at the ICEE, we ask these authors to notify our editors, since papers that will not be presented at the ICEE may be published in The Shape of Enrichment in the future.

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