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About the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE)


ICEE Mission Statement

The mission of the ICEE is to improve the wellbeing of captive animals by providing a venue for the exchange of information among the many diverse groups that participate in environmental enrichment. A key feature of the ICEE is the participation and interaction of animal welfare scientists and all those responsible for the care of captive animals. To further this mission, the ICEE Committee organizes a biennial conference in locations around the globe.

ICEE Committee

The ICEE Committee was created in 1995 to ensure the successful continuation of the ICEE conferences.The ICEE Committee oversees all aspects of the application process for future conference hosts, selects future conference venues, advises the current ICEE host upon request, and conducts the business meetings.

History of ICEE

Drs. David Shepherdson and Jill Mellen established the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE) in 1993. To date conferences have been hosted by:

1st ICEE: Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon, United States of America (1993)

2nd ICEE: Copenhagen Zoo, Copenhagen, Denmark (1995)

3rd ICEE: SeaWorld of Florida, Orlando, Florida, United States of America (1997)

4th ICEE: Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh, Scotland (1999)

5th ICEE: Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia (2001)

6th ICEE: Johannesburg Zoo, Johannesburg, South Africa (2003)

7th ICEE: Wildlife Conservation Society, New York, New York, United States of America (2005)

8th ICEE: Vienna Zoo, Vienna, Austria (2007)

9th ICEE: Paignton Zoo, Torquay, United Kingdom (2009)

10th ICEE: Oregon National Primate Research Center and Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon, United States of America (2011)

11th ICEE: National Zoological Gardens, Pretoria, South Africa (2013)

12th ICEE: Beijing Normal University and Beijing Zoo, Beijing, China (2015)

13th ICEE: Parque Jaime Duque, Bogota, Colombia (2017)

14th ICEE: Kyoto University and Kyoto City Zoo, Kyoto, Japan (2019)

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