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Julian Chapman


Positions: Core Group, SHAPE—Regionals Committee, REEC Committee, UK-Ireland Committee, ICEE Committee


My name is Julian Chapman and I have been a keeper in British zoos for over 30 years, starting way back in 1978 at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park. Since then I have been slowly working my way through the ranks, including 14 years as the Senior Head Keeper of Mammals at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in the UK and I currently hold the position of Deputy Curator at Twycross Zoo. I have also been on several committees, including the Association of British Wild Animal Keepers. During this time I have, amongst other things, learnt the importance of Environmental Enrichment in the welfare and care of captive animals.


I have been attending the International Conferences on Environmental Enrichment since 1999 and have slowly been becoming more and more involved with the Shape of Enrichment organisation. At the 2005 enrichment conference, some colleagues and I realised that there was a gap that needed filling; although the International conferences do a fantastic job, not everyone could attend. So to help alleviate this problem we formed Regional Environmental Enrichment Conferences (REEC) which would hold smaller, local conferences in different regions around the world.


This organisation has now joined forces with The Shape of Enrichment and is now known as SHAPERegional. We are going from strength to strength and are helping a lot more people learn about Environmental Enrichment for their animals, not just in zoos but in all animal care sectors. If you get the chance please try to come to one of our conferences in your region.


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