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Angelica Vasconcellos

Cynthia F. Cipreste


Positions: Shape—Brasil Regional Committee; Video Librarian (South America)


Cynthia is a biologist and is responsible for the Environmental Enrichment and Animal Conditioning Sector at the Belo Horizonte Zoo. She gives mini-courses and lectures on environmental enrichment and animal conditioning at the Conferences of the Brazilian Zoological Society and in events for Veterinary and Biology students.


Cynthia is the coordinator of the Shape / AAZK Video Library in South America and is a member of the Shape—Brasil Regional Committee.


Cynthia also worked as a teacher at the Continuing Education Institute, in the Pontific Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, in a post-graduation course on Animal Behavior and its applications in 2007. In this course, she taught the subjects Environmental Enrichment and Animal Conditioning.


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