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SHAPEÑAfrica and Wildlife Information Network (WIN) Join Forces  

About WIN

The Wildlife Information Network (WIN) was founded in 1992, and aims to. "... make information on the health and management of captive and free-ranging wild animals and their habitats readily available to wildlife professionals and decision-makers worldwide."..

Captive Management: Environmental and Behavioural Enrichment DVD


The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. and SHAPEÑAfrica, have forged close ties with the Wildlife Information Network (WIN). This working association has resulted in the development of the above proposed DVD, the product of which will be a key enrichment resource to all those working in the captive wildlife industry.


The need for a broad-based enrichment tool such as this is great, as the global zoo community and other wildlife organizations become more committed to addressing animal welfare issues through enrichment strategies. Through workshops, websites, videotapes, and publications, a few organizations, such as The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. are committed to promoting standardized processes for achieving efficient, holistic, and effective enrichment.


On a global scale, this is a gargantuan goal. But it is a goal we believe that WIN, through its experience and expertise, is uniquely poised to achieve.


The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. and SHAPEÑAfrica believes that the scope and quality of the information in the WIN enrichment product will result in an invaluable, and available resource for professional wildlife caretakers around the world. For the welfare and conservation of captive wildlife and the education of professionals and the general public, this proposed project is essential. 


Today is the day YOU can get involved.   Click Here for further details.


Wildlife Information Network is a registered charity (No. 1048059) in the United Kingdom.

The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. is a registered non-profit 510(c) 3 corporation in the United States of America.


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