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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa

Joanne Osuagwah

SHAPE—Africa Chairperson

Hi, my name is Joanne and until recently I was a private veterinary surgeon working within Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. My work was very mixed bringing me into contact with both captive and free-ranging wildlife. I have recently moved to Morocco in order to assist in the development of a private game farm in that country. As well as my daily work I am extremely interested in research, having recently completed my MSc. The study examined the effect of feed-based environmental enrichment on the behaviour of a broad range of captive wild mammals at the National Zoological Gardens, Pretoria.


Africa is a continent of diversity and opportunity and I am very keen to spread the word about environmental enrichment and the role it can play in the conservation, education, and welfare of all captive animals within this continent and worldwide. Enrichment is something that can be performed by any and all of those who care for animals and through organisations like SHAPE—Africa this message can be conveyed to an evergrowing audience.


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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa







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