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Jackson Zee


Positions: Core Group, Growth and Development Advisor


Jackson Zee started his career working with animals as a high school docent. Jackson began his studies in New York City with Associate degrees in animal health and as a paramedic then continued to attain a Bachelors of Arts degree in psychology and a Bachelors of Science degree in biology. Jackson completed his Masters in Science at the University of California in ecology and pursued his certificate in clinical animal behavior in Australia then qualified for his license in the UK and US. His interest in protecting nature led him to working as an educator, then a wild animal keeper, curator, sanctuary manager, associate clinical animal behaviorist and conservationist with a interest in animal welfare and sustainable development. Jackson has been providing hands-on support and expertise with captive care of wild animals in rehabilitation programs, improving the quality of life of animals in captive settings and the reduction of cruelty towards animals.


Jackson is currently affiliated with universities in the USA, China, and UK. Jackson has worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Active Environments, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare providing support and expertise to hands-on work with domestic and wild animals in rehabilitation and in captive care globally, with a focus on Asia. Jackson has responded to disaster relief efforts in Iraq, Indonesia, China, and the USA. JacksonŐs expertise and background has allowed him to serve on the IUCN/SSC Bear Specialist Group and other scientific think tanks on animal welfare and conservation.


Jackson has been a supporter of The Shape of Enrichment since 1994 and currently serves as its Growth and Development Advisor.


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