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Harald Schwammer


Position: Video Librarian (Europe and Middle East)


Dr. Harald M. Schwammer, born 1955, is zoologist and Deputy Director at the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna (Austria). He is specialised in breeding and caring for elephants and teaching management methods and performed and organised training workshops in Europe and Asia in many different countries.


Harald is the founder and president of EEKMA (European Elephant Keeper and Manager Association), Member of the Board of Directors of the IEF (International Elephant Foundation), Founder of the ASERC (Austrian Sri Lankan Elephant Research & Conservation Project), Chair of the GEMP (Global Elephant Management Program) and Chair of the European African Elephant Studbook.


He has been active as a consultant (legal accredited expert) for facility planning and realising management routines for elephants under human care in nearly all continents. He is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications in ethological and ecological fields of study, concerning various topics, and has published books in German, English, French, and Croatian. Harald lectures the University of Vienna and is developing, coordinating, and supporting various in-situ projects in Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Last but not least, Harald has operated The Shape of Enrichment Video Library Europe for many years.


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