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About Us

The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to furthering enrichment efforts around the world for animals in zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, and domestic situations. The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. encourages improvements in animal welfare through education and international exchanges of enrichment theory and application.

The board of directors consists of Karen Worley, Valerie Hare, and Dr. David Shepherdson. Our officers are Karen Worley, President; Valerie Hare, Chief Financial Officer, and Margaret Hawkins, Secretary. The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. is composed entirely of volunteer staff who put in long hours in addition to their own jobs, and we cannot thank these individuals enough for their dedication and commitment to improving animal welfare.

The Shape of Enrichment is honored to be the official publication and website for the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE). Currently, our board members all serve on the ICEE committee and our secretary functions as the ICEE committee secretary.

The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. offers a variety of services to animal care professionals worldwide:

  • The Shape of Enrichment publication blog: Articles submitted from animal care professionals around the world about their enrichment efforts for a wide variety of species.
  • Website: Provides a basic overview of animal enrichment, including a definition of enrichment and an introduction to its key principles; downloadable enrichment resource documents; information about enrichment safety and a searchable safety database; information about upcoming enrichment conferences, workshops, and meetings; and a variety of other enrichment information options.
  • Enrichment Workshops: The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. conducts Enrichment Workshops in countries worldwide, designed to enable attendees to successfully create and implement enrichment plans at their institution. The workshops are typically 4-5 days and provide a mix of practical and concept lectures and hands-on activities. They are coordinated by Valerie Hare and taught by our trained Shape of Enrichment instructors. Each workshop is tailored to the host institution’s needs. Prior to the workshop, one of our instructors will coordinate with the host representative to determine the curriculum, desired practicals, duration of workshop, etc. Some of the places we have held workshops in include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vietnam.
  • Enrichment Idea Database (EIDB): A compilation of enrichment ideas in database form that is searchable by taxa, species, type of enrichment, and other options.
  • Video Library: A library of enrichment videos that are available to be checked out on loan, and will be mailed to you.
  • SHAPE—Regionals: These satellites of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. are operated by dedicated volunteers living and working in their own region to promote the theory and practice of environmental enrichment in their area through communication and sharing information and by holding regional conferences or workshops. The regionals are formed with the permission and support of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. and are operated in conjunction with SHAPE—International personnel.



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